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Father, artist, entrepreneur, coach, therapist and human being seeking the truth.

The rule says that parallel lines intersect at infinity, that is, never. That law, without knowing it, had me internally fighting a large part of my life. That parallelism, which maintains an eternal distance between what you are and what you do, that socially accepted phrase of “having several lives at once”, that idea that you are a different person at work and in your personal life, and that it is well like this, that it has always been so.

A while ago, since the lines were never going to cross, I was the one who short-circuited. My body said enough a few years ago to this internal contradiction. There was no longer anything that could cover it, neither my addictions to substances or work, nor my excessive ambition, nor my external achievements nor future goals, nothing was useful. And it was not reasoned in a conscious and thoughtful way, simply everything progressively fell apart. That existential engine that started from an insane place, from the internal struggle and rage, from running and running to nowhere, from doing to doing and more doing, It stopped being useful. I had no choice but to put my knee on the floor, surrender and allow myself to collapse in order to understand what the hell was happening to me.

What I had done, it defined me. What I had achieved, it gave me courage. My goals were the carrot to pursue, but then, without all that, Who was I? What am I? With much effort, pain and resistance, I turned the periscope from the outside to the inside. From an external and distant look to an internal and deep one. And when I turned the periscope, far away, very far away, inside me, between seas of high waves , and new places, I made out the mainland from where I could observe that strange and inhospitable place that I am still exploring, and in which I will always continue searching.

I went from being an insatiable explorer, to a seeker with a loving gaze, and without changing anything, just the attitude and with that new gaze: everything changed.
Muchas Gracias is the project where those parallel lines meet and embrace, where truth and honesty are non-negotiable. Where the responsibility of self-knowledge to improve the relationship with the other, personal or professional, is a company norm.

Because I am a responsible father and a runaway teenager, I am a bohemian artist and ambitious businessman, therapist and entrepreneur, creative and analytical, hard-working and lazy, strong and vulnerable, loving and avoidant, sweet and unbearable. I am all that and more, and at this moment I decide to expose myself publicly, take all this experience, knowledge and work and put it to the service.

Here is a possible account of my life, always from my own one-eyed and limited point of view:

I started my career as a producer, dj and musician when I was 15 years old, when I was kindly expelled from the Institute of Salesian Fathers for incontinent rebellion and I went to work in a record store (yes, records were sold back then) and musical instruments.

It was then when I was flooded with music, I immersed myself in the electronic and independent music industry, I played in various musical projects and in 2002 I created the platform and record label Regular, with which I obtained several national awards as best record label in Spain in the years 2005-6-7-8.

Being a dj is not bad for me, and in those years I also got national awards as the best dj in national electronic music. Thanks to a lot of effort and thousands of nights invested, my international projection growed and I started to tour around the world.

At the same time, (always in parallel) at the end of my twenties I started my business training, I graduated in Business Administration and Management with additional programs specialised in Marketing, which I apply during a period of my life that lasts for about 12 years. That was where I become Marketing and Communication Manager in several International companies from the consumer electronics Industry.

In parallel (of course), as an entrepreneur I receive the Entrepreneur of the Year award for the founder of the company La Brava Beer, and the Cactus Award for the best marketing campaign of the year for our first campaign: La Costa Brava.

In 2008 I gradually released my career as a musician and dj, and founded the artist management agency Miracle, which right now thanks to the Management of Fernando LaGreca, enjoys an excellent good shape with offices in Barcelona and Buenos Aires and representing worldwide more than 80 artists.


Gestalt Psychotherapist at Institute Gestalt and member of AETG

Graduated as a Life & Executive Coach at Universitat de Lleida

International Certificate as Coach level ACC at ICF

Integrative psychotherapy & Enneagram. SAT Program. Claudio Naranjo Foundation

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program, esMindfulness, University of Massachussets

Training as a facilitator of traditional Tantra, Neo Tantra and conscious sexuality with Amerai Carrera and Saúl Martínez

Diploma in Business Management Studies

Bachelor of Science of business from the University of Wales

Master in Marketing from EADA

Attendance at various seminars and retreats on holotrophic breathing and altered states of consciousness


15 years as a musician & professional international dj

Founder of the company Miracle MGMT, and Artist Manager for more than 12 years

4 years integrated into twelve-step support groups for addiction treatment

Marketing Director & Executive Manager in International companies such as Panasonic, Rimax or Guillemot for more than 10 years

Founder and owner of the record label Regular / Irregular 2001-2010


Entrepreneur of the year: Girona Entrepreneurs Association 2015

Cactus Award for the best marketing campaign of the year 2015

Best national record label for Regular in the years 2005-2006-2007

Best live performance of national electronic music in 2007

Best national electronic music dj in 2006

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